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"Katie Schuppler is a dream to work with!  As a guy who DETESTS having to shop, she made the entire process of looking for a spectacular outfit that was both flattering and stylish for my civil union incredibly painless and enjoyable.  In less than 2 hours, she had put together a fantastic look for me that I would have never found, even if I had spent a month looking for it. I've never looked better, and love getting compliments from the same people who used to make fun of my complete lack of style.  Her talent for knowing where to shop no matter the budget and trained eye for style are true gifts.” - Brent H.

"I would like to highly recommend Katie to update your wardrobe with basics you may not have really given your fullest attention to. For example: your "little black dress" you may have a few but none of them really works or flatters you like they should. The coat which gets put over the dress which really doesn't show off your beauty features. Getting the right colors really lifts your spirits and makes it fun to look attractive. It's all about presenting the "Best" you. She's phenomenal in creating your "new updated" look. Have fun shopping."
- Pam T.

"I started working with Katie Schuppler because I felt like my style needed a lift.  Amazingly, Katie has breathed new life into my existing wardrobe.  By creatively mixing and matching clothes in my closet, she fashioned "new" outfits with what I already owned!  I've received several compliments about these outfits.  Katie has also been very helpful in identifying gaps in my wardrobe.  She is knowledgeable about small boutique stores in Chicago; and it has been great fun to go shopping with her.  I highly recommend the style services of Katie Schuppler."  -Elika S.

"My closet is a dozen bags lighter...The best part is I might make a little money off it if my old jump suit sells on ebay, and if it doesn't, she'll take care of donating it all for me!
♥ KS Style Consulting!"
- Dawn R.

"Wonderful experience! Katie was professional, very accomodating to our schedule, and extremely efficient with our time. Impressed how she was able to identify her client's sense of style within our brief phone discussions & initial meeting. Loved all her selections & recommendations."
- Bailey Q.

"I think I wore literally every single new item over the weekend haha I love it all. Thank you again so much for your help!" - Amanda G.

"Thanks for everything! It was hard to decide what to get and I would have never been able to make a decision without your help. Getting in and out in less than two hours was awesome. I really hate shopping and you actually made it fun." - Patty H.

"Thank you again, I had a great time and really enjoyed meeting you. You really seemed to get what I like and that made me feel great." -Dena F.

"‎Thank you so much for your help! I am really impressed with how great you are. I have a couple of fashion questions if you have a minute!" -Denise L.

"I just wanted to tell you how much fun I had tonight and I can't wait to wear some of my new combinations tomorrow!!  The only bad thing is which one to pick!  I admit I was dreading the clean out before you came - but it was painless and quick!!  Thanks for helping me rock a new look!!  I can't wait for the spring to do it again!!" -Ann C.

"Thanks, Katie, I had a blast and have absolutely no buyers remorse today- not even about the maxi-dresses! Happy holiday and safe travels." -April

"As I wear the fab outfits you put together for me, I am seeing what I am comfortable in..so far I have 2 tops for donation. Thanks for your keen eye" -Debra

Katie just helped me with a closet clean out and I couldn't be happier.  She helped me identify things to donate.  Even as that pile grew, I felt like I actually gained a larger wardrobe as she helped me put a number of outfits using pieces I had but just didn't know how to wear or combine.  I love the outfits she put together and they are perfect for my style.   She definitely gave me the confidence to experiment more with combining colors, textures, and patterns.  I'm a new mom and got in a rut of boring clothes.  She sparked my interest in clothes again."
-Susan P.

"Katie made shopping ridiculously easy for me. All I had to do was show up and try on all the clothes she had pulled for me. Saved me so much time and energy!"-Suneil

Katie!!!! I'm about to walk into my closet!!!! I'm so glad I can do that again!!!! Thank you so much for helping me."
- Lizzie

"Thank you so much for your help this weekend.  Removing 16 garbage bags of clothing that I don’t wear and breathing new life into my wardrobe using existing pieces is exactly what I needed. (I really LOVE all of the outfit pairings  - such fun combinations!)  I also appreciated your honest opinion about styles I should no longer wear.  Going forward, I’ll go shopping with a critical eye on what I really need, and what looks good on me.  I am looking forward to our shopping excursion, where I can actually buy a few key pieces from fun boutiques!"  -Jen F

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